My name is Mike Harrison and I’m a teacher, trainer and materials writer

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Prepping for an interview – the mini teach

Hey everyone! I’m not posting here anything like as regularly as I used to, for that I can only admit that at the moment Life Is Happening (and blogging is taking a back seat). Also, this is a bit of a self-indulgent post as I’m writing it to help me work...

Takeaways from Topolsica

This time last week I’d just heard the opening plenary at the 23rd IATEFL Slovenia Conference, held in the comfortable location of the Vesna in Topolšica. I’d also spent part of the morning enjoying the fitness and spa pools the hotel has, jumping up and...

How we work now (How we teach now)

I’ve just read a piece on the Guardian website styling itself as ‘secret office diaries’. A few of the comments, as you’d expect maybe, were taking pops at these alleged office diarists and how much actual work they seemed (not) to do....


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