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It seems quite appropriate that this is the first post on my blog, since it links back to the event that got me thinking seriously about technology and teaching. I shall set the scene.

Friday 30 October 2009. I had just returned from a trip to Spain and was feeling pretty low, having just received quite a shock in my personal life. It had also been a pretty hard time to teach at my college, too, with colleagues being off long-term sick and the rest of the staff bearing the brunt of covering their lessons. In short, I was a bit disillusioned (and this is in only my third year of full-time teaching!). Looking back, it was probably a little silly to feel that way but, figuratively speaking, I needed a kick up the back-side. I was lucky.

I went to the Language Show at the Kensington Olympia in London with the sole intention of chalking up a few hours of professional development and plotting an escape route back to Spain (I’m still thinking about that one). Little did I know that I would see such an interesting presentation that would set me on this route. I saw Jamie Keddie giving a talk about using YouTube. From this I got involved with piloting lessons which you can find on Jamie’s TEFLclips website, joined Twitter (something I thought I would never do), and realised there was a whole community of ELT and educators out there with websites and blogs. My kick up the back-side. Since then I have learnt a lot, and this lesson plan is the first fruit of that learning. I hope there is more to come.

PS – I used this plan for a non-Christmassy Christmas lesson, but I am sure that it would do at almost any time of the year πŸ™‚


Level: Intermediate and above
Age: Young adults and upwards
Topics: visualisation, story/narrative, friend collocations
Grammar focus: narrative tenses
Time: 45mins-1hr

I would be grateful for any comments you have πŸ™‚