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I just blogged on my ESOL IT site, a site I set up to help me teach IT/ICT to ESOL students this year. Initially, it’s a place I can post videos on different things that can be done using the computer and associated programs (I’m hoping to accumulate a number of ‘How to…’ style videos), but I also want to get my students interacting with the blog (and others) for the posts themselves. So last week I set up a number of videos for my students to watch and then comment on. It worked quite well, and most of the students present posted a comment (just one comment that went missing when a link was clicked too quickly).

This week I’m planning on using a list of questions I took from a video called 6 Billion Others, which I saw at Kalinago English. I’m hoping that the response will be good, but I have also felt it necessary not to force the students to comment on any questions they don’t feel comfortable answering.

ESOL IT Friday 12th February

I suddenly realised that not all my students would want to answer these questions. Now I’m thinking about how to deal with any issues arising sensitively.

So now my question to you, dear readers – Have you ever had a moment like mine? How do you deal with sensitive issues in your classroom?



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