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Oh dear. It's not going too well in the Risk classroom

Oh dear. It's not going too well in the Risk classroom...

One answer to this question can be found here. I also remember someone telling me (it might have been a teacher) that this was a question on an entrance exam to a presigious university, in response to which one examinee simply wrote ‘This is’, got up, handed in the paper and left the room. The last example does appear on a Facebook group, so I doubt it’s really true. But I am thinking…

what is risk???

and perhaps most interestingly, how can risk help teachers and learners?

First of all let’s attempt a definition of risk that might be useful for teachers and learners to consider. (Reaching for my copy of the Reader’s Digest Universal Dictionary)

risk (risk) n. 1. The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger: There is the risk we won’t return. 2. A factor, element, or course involving uncertain danger; a hazard: The stormy weather is a risk we shall have to take. 3. Insurance. a. The danger or probability of loss to the insurer. b. The amount that the insurance company stands to lose. c. A person or thing considered with respect to the possibility of loss to an insurer: a poor risk.

In terms of teaching and learning I see these as: 1. The apprehension we feel as teachers and learners when we are taking a risk (the ‘worried we will fall flat on our faces’ feeling); 2. The risk itself (trying out a new teaching style, standing up in front of your peers and having a go at something); 3. What we stand to lose when taking a risk (I am inclined to read this as what we stand to gain from such an experience).

I’m sure there are other ways to read those definitions. If you have anything to add in relation to the above, please leave a comment.

I put this question to my followers on Twitter (many thanks to @ALiCe__M @CallieWallie1 @ekamin @pysproblem81 @ShellTerrell @spedteacher and @suedensmore for your comments) and got some really interesting quotes from people. I’ll be putting some of them up for discussion in a subsequent post (when I have decided exactly where to go next on this topic!)

Oh, I also did a search on Twitter via TweetDeck and got this response.

(Not too useful for what I’m thinking of, although I do now want to read about the Madoff whistleblower. Is it worth the risk?)

More to come soon!

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