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Before you read on, a quick note. This is most definitely not a serious post.

Have you ever thought someone you knew looked a little bit like that star of that film you saw sometime back when… Have you ever thought that about someone in ELT? If not, maybe your imagination needs a bit of a boost. I hadn’t. But then I got caught up in some inane tweeting. See if you can guess who the ELT people are who matched with the Hollywood celebs below (I’ve attempted to write a short, witty bio to help – or maybe hinder – you ;))

Bruce WillisBruce Willis as John McClane

Interestingly, though Bruce was up against a sort of tech-baddie in the last Die Hard film, his ELT lookalike is usually pretty keen on computers and gadgets. Some might say frivolously so (even he said so himself), but as long as it improves the teaching, it’s ok!!



The glasses and hair might give this one away!! Brains’ ELT lookalike might not live on an island like his Tracey counterpart, but he sure seems into incorporating gadgetry into his work. His latest book has a very interesting ICT component to it.

Childlike Empress

The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story

Ooh, there might be big parallels with the Empress’ problems in Fantasia – emptiness and big growling wolves as bΓͺtes noires of ESOL. I think her ELT lookalike might be wishing for a better ESOL world.

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

This ELT gentleman has, like Alan, attended a few awards ceremonies (well I know about one, but I’m guessing there have been more). He is also an excellent exponent of evil laughter (not air kisses).

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

This is a difficult one to write. Hmmm, Salma and her ELT twin both have great smiles. That’s all I can think of!!

Ok, I’m only doing 5, because it was particularly tricky to think of something to write to go with them. If you can guess all 5 a tortilla de patatas awaits you next time you pass through SE London!

If you fancy a laugh/shock/diversion, you might like to put your photo (or that of a friend) through this web-based celeb picture matcher (thanks to Shelly Terrell for finding it!!) Picitup Celebrity Match – Celebrity Look a Like Generator

PS – the matches above are my own, or were thought up via Twitter conversations with various people
PPS – there may be another batch on the way, so stay tuned and if you haven’t featured this time, don’t worry. I’ve got my eye out for a celeb match for you!!
Picture sources (from top to bottom) found via a Creative Commons search