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valelapenadesdercdeinteI am honoured and humbled to have received this award. It’s an initiative called ‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’ which roughly translates into English as ‘it’s worth keeping an eye on this blog’. The chosen blog should copy the image and link back to the blog that gave the blogger the award. I was chosen by Janet Bianchini on her Abruzzo Edublog. The blogger should then choose 10 blogs worth keeping an eye on. I’d just like to thank Janet for choosing me for this interesting initiative πŸ™‚

With my 10, I’m hoping to acknowledge some bloggers that I really respect and whose blogs I really enjoy reading. I’m also including a few words on why I have chosen these ten blogs.

  1. Kalinago English by Karenne Sylvester – she’s an amazing blogger, and I can say I’ve already learnt a lot reading her posts, on a number of different things.
  2. Critical Mass ELT by Sara Hannam – I really admire Sara. I think her blog is a great critical take on many aspects and areas of ELT.
  3. My Life Untranslated by La Flecha – @laflecha blogs about teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) students in New York. I think she has a refreshing take on this job, and is blogging about an aspect of ELT that might not show up on everyone’s radar.
  4. Turklish TEFL by Nick Jaworski – I’ve only recently started reading Nick’s blog properly, but already I can see that he is asking some important questions and making some insightful observations on teaching (in Turkey and in general).
  5. Jamie Keddie’s blog – if you’re looking for ideas for using images in the classroom, this blog is for you. But more than this, Jamie blogs about English teaching and teacher training in an interesting way.
  6. $trictly 4 my T.E.A.C.H.E.R.Z by Nicky Whitley – a really like Nicky’s blog. Greatly written from an individual perspective (and a neat lesson plan involving a rude video – you edit it!)
  7. Classroom201X by Phil Bird – Phil’s an ESOL teacher in the UK, so I really value what he has to say about teaching and using technology. So should you! There’s some great stuff here about using Moodle and video with ESOL learners.
  8. The Island Weekly by Anne Hodgson – Anne blogs for teachers and learners (there’s a regular Grammar Guru section where she poses a grammatical quandry) – I really like reading what she writes, simple as.
  9. Lil Miss Bossy’s ELT Playground by Anita Kwiatkowska – Anita blogs about teaching in Turkey, like Nick. She has a lot of interesting things to say about teaching English in Turkey (as a non-native speaker – massive respect). A blog superstar!! πŸ™‚
  10. Six Things by Lindsay Clandfield – the last one is plain fun (albeit with some serious stuff in there as well ;o) ); Lindsay provides us with a miscellany of ELT. And right good it is too.

So what about you? Got 10 blogs to recommend? We’re waiting to hear from you πŸ™‚