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Rather aptly, the third guest post I write happens to fall on the date my blog reaches three months young!

My piece is over at Anita Kwiatkowska’s (AKA l_missbossy) ELT playground. It’s about the languages I have learned – German, French and Spanish in chronological order – and why I think I’ve done the best with the latter.

l_missbossy's ELT playground

You can read the guest post here. It’s part of a series Anita is currently doing looking at how different people have learned different languages, including the different settings we’ve learned in, how we have learned and been taught, among other things. Anita’s already written about her experiences learning Kashubian, French and Russian, with Turkish and English on the way. I wholeheartedly recommend you read them, as it is a great look at language learning and teaching from a learner’s perspective, rather than as a teacher. Click here for the series page on Anita’s site.

Thanks very much, Anita!