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This is actually more an idea at the moment. Doing my best to jazz up a lesson on the UK education system with my evening students I found an interesting video. It’s a stop motion film of chalk writing and drawing on a black board of a poem by Roger McGough, My First Day At School.

The video I think is great. Not only does the text come up on the screen as it is being read (allowing for simultaneous reading and listening) the style in which it is done is very particular. Sara Hannam said of the video and poem in a response to my comment on her blog that it neatly presented the experience of being a new pupil or student at school and I agree.

While there are possibilities to exploit the text for language teaching (I am sure each individual teacher will come up with their own – I will make a few suggestions) I am going to suggest ways in which to use the video for:

  • prediction and personalisation, using words and images from the poem and video
  • discussion of students’ different experiences of ‘first days’

Click here for the plan My-First-Day-At-School.pdf and here for the pictures My-First-Day-At-School-Pics.pdf

As I’ve said above, I haven’t actually done this lesson yet, so I would love to get your feedback about the following: What age students would you use the activity with? What level would you teach the lesson at? How long do you think it would take to teach the lesson (and maybe how long with different groups)?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚