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Elk Rapids _ Carnival II by ktylerconkThe latest ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language) Blog Carnival, hosted by the excellent Karenne Sylvester, is now up and ready to be perused. I am honoured to have not one, but two of my lessons chosen for the carnival. But mine are two among many, and I have to say I am gobsmacked by the creativity and dedication of my fellow English Language Teaching Colleagues – they are all fantastic and they have produced some great looking lessons. You can check out Karenne’s Blog Carnival post here.

Also, right gobsmacked I am by Karenne’s presentation – she has collected all of the lesson plans sent to her (complete with notes, pictures, links, and other information) in a wonderful Prezi presentation thingy.

By the way, all those superlatives you’ve read above, all merited – FACT.

Image credit: Elk Rapids _ Carnival II by ktylerconk