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Darren Elliott has had a fab idea. He’s also come up with a pretty cool blogging project about digging around in different peoples used blog posts and seeing if you can find a gem or two.

buried treasure

You can read this over at his blog post on the idea, but basically the premise is this:

  • There are some people who have been blogging for a long time (or maybe just longer than I have)
  • There are some people who have only been blogging, and actively reading blogs for a short while (I am one)
  • These people have probably missed out on some interesting goings on in blog world
  • There is a lot to read out there (umm how am I going to find something among all that??)
  • We need a project to uncover all these hidden gems!!

Here is my go:

Anne Hodgson’s The Island Weekly is a blog I keep an eye on (even if I don’t always comment) and she’s had some cool posts on music videos (OK Go, Lady Gaga, among others) and ran a blogging game recently with commenters writing about Alice in Wonderland – so I thought I would check her back catalogue and found this posting with a clip of Stephen Fry. I think it really sums up America, with its occasional absurd pomposity (that is a compliment, US readers 🙂 ) Also, I think Mr Fry’s series would make a good basis for some cultural studies or citizenship lessons, since he goes all over the US!

The second treasure I found was over at Anita Kwiatkowska’s ELT Playground blog – a piece about being a newbie blogger. So much in the post resonated with me =) Thanks for that one, Anita

Last of all (for this archive-rooting activity) I found a really cool and practical tip from Eva Buyuksimkesyan. A neat little activity that can be used as a warmer and could work with any level of language learner. Cheers, Eva =)

Ok, so over to you – get digging through the archives and see what you can find 🙂

Update [May 26, 2010] – you may have already noticed it flying round the Twitterverse or mentioned in this post over at Shelly Terrell’s Teacher Reboot Camp blog; there is now a designated hashtag on Twitter for people rooting around for treasures in the archives: #hiddengems. Search that, and (hopefully) find some wisdom 🙂

Image credit: Buerried Treasure, by Banksy, from David Boyle: