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That was a challenge!

Not quite as daunting as that

Not quite as daunting as that

@rliberni asked me yesterday if I would like to write the summary for #edchat. Yes, I’d be happy to do it, I replied. Then I saw the topic: How do teachers get a seat at the education policy table?

Boy, oh boy.

Aside: if you’re reading this and don’t know exactly what #edchat is, here are some useful postings and pages on it:

It was an amazing discussion, and my general feeling matched that of @olafelch

@olafelch I have to say, people, that was the most fascinating #edchat I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to everyone who made it great!

You’ll be able to read the summary at Berni’s blog, Radical Language.

Update 10/06/2010: The summary is now posted on Berni’s blog. You can read it by clicking here.

The entire transcript can be found on the wiki [the link is above] thanks to the tireless work of Jerry Swiatek and Steve Johnson.

Image credit: Challenge #1 Warning Sign by Pawns: