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Copyright OUP ELT Global Blog

Copyright OUP ELT Global Blog

This is an introduction to a guest post I have written for the OUP ELT Global Blog on getting out of the classroom (see link to the post below).

I’m also taking the opportunity to link the posting to some other blogposts around the topic. I’d like to make it clear that the opinions expressed in these posts are those of the blog authors concerned and not anything to do with OUP ELT Global Blog or Oxford University Press or any other organisation. Similarly, the opinions expressed in my guest post, I’m a teacher, get me out of here!, are mine alone and not representative of any other person or organisation.

Writing the post for the OUP ELT Global Blog, my final thought led to getting out of the classroom as an aid to stop boredom (both student and teacher related) and it got me thinking about a wonderful post Anita Kwiatkowska wrote about burn out. It’s on Ken Wilson’s blog and can be found here.

I also started thinking (as I’m sure most teachers must do at some point) that the classroom is a strange and interesting place and/or construct. Sputnik over at The Tesla Coil blogged about this here. It’s occurred to me that this is the second time I’ve linked to this post – that’s because I think it raises important questions about what a classroom is.

A search of the archives of one of my fave bloggers, Karenne Sylvester, found me this interesting piece on students using L1 in the classroom. Follow the links there to a wealth of blog material on the matter. (by the way, Karenne’s going to be busy watching this for the next month, so she says don’t expect any new posts on her blog for the time being 😉 )