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I want to be an Edublogs Pro!

First up, a sort of ‘blog apology’. I’ve been wanting to write something here for ages and it’s just not happened. Two main reasons for this:

one, it’s exam season and I’ve been desperately coaching my students to pass (in particular, their speaking) exams [aside, interestingly the groups of mostly European students I teach will struggle most with speaking; reading and writing should be fine];

two, I have recently discovered that on free Edublogs you are no longer allowed to embed video (including YouTube) due to misuse by spam blogs. [Wasn’t too sure what they meant, and quite frustrated by the ability not to embed, but I’ve just googled ‘spam edublogs’ and found this – something for us bloggers to watch out for, I guess]

So… I have decided to go ‘pro’, since this will allow me to embed video again. But will being a pro edublogger mean I become a better blogger? I don’t know. What I can say is that I will try to continue as I have done so far and stay true to the inner blogger.

Here’s a list of stuff in the pipeline:

  • A lesson plan!! It’s been a while, but worth it I hope. Something football-related and that will (hopefully) help contextualise a tricky grammar point. It might even be posted before the end of some minor international footballing event going on at the moment πŸ™‚
  • A few thoughts on presenting for the first time, possibly with links to a video of me!
  • A couple of guest posts
  • Reading an indeterminate number of blogs, including a rather new one, by a recent acquaintance (met at the workshop I presented at), Emma Herrod. She has a very neat blog post about the question that needs to be answered at some point: To blog or not to blog?
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