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BlogSix months to the day since I started blogging here. I have to say it’s been interesting and rewarding so far.

Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve learnt or things that have happened while I’ve been blogging and reading blogs in the last 6 months (along with some useful posts where appropriate):

  • about various applications and tools, including:
  • I’ve written 4 lesson plans – something that I didn’t do at all last year (I stuck with things that I had done before and using other materials) and that I can almost safely say would not have happened, were I not blogging and reading others’ blogs. I really think that being here blogging has developed my creativity as a teacher and made me aware of the resources that are out there if you just look.
  • I’ve written some guest posts (and had one written for my blog – thank you, Karenne)! Some fab bloggers (Anita, Barbara, Karenne again, Berni, the people at the OUP ELT Global blog) have been kind enough to let me write something to post on their sites. I really appreciate this, and I think writing guest posts is great as it allows me to write something that might not necessarily fit here.
  • In total I’ve written 26 posts (is there any way to traslate this into a qualification??) and fielded 218 comments. Thanks to everyone who has got involved with discussion on the blog – it is very much appreciated and I value all the opinions, comments and ideas that you have come to me with.

I hope that the next six months of blogging prove to be just as interesting 🙂