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Recently a friend of mine posted on their Facebook profile that they would soon be changing their Facebook profile to be an account for the band they will be working for. This raises for me a few issues that have been blogged about before.

My personal feeling is that this band (or business) may be looking to make the most they can from social media, perhaps with minimum effort on their part. How long has this band or business spent building up an image or reputation I can trust? The answer is actually not one second. Instead, they have employed my friend, taken over her Facebook page and gained access to all her friends. I’m not sure I am comfortable with this. (Kudos to said friend, who has been upfront about the whole ‘changeover’ thing – though I still think the band are benefitting from her friend contacts)

If I were a band or business and setting up on Facebook in what I see as an ethical way, I’d set up a page or a group for my commercial activities. If I were using a Facebook profile as a marketing tool, I’d also set up a new one of those, not just switch over my commercial activities to my personal Facebook site without warning. I guess the fact that it takes time and effort to build up a fanbase on social media makes little difference to these bands and businesses out to make what they can, and it seems to me they are using people on Facebook, while employing them as ‘street team‘ members, to get to a whole bunch of people they would not have got access to otherwise. The fact is, I’m not totally happy with it. How about you?

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