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I haven't had my feet up all summer...

I haven't had my feet up all summer...

I’m writing this in anticipation of a new academic year, and what will be my third year teaching ESOL (4th including my year of EFL in Spain). It’s the strange ‘in between’ time you get as the holidays end and term is about to begin. First there’s enrolment and the confusion that can entail – a whole lot of students new to the college wandering around, wondering where to go, and that’s on top of all the obvious language issues if they are coming to study ESOL.

Preparing for the new term and year seems to me quite the conundrum. There’s got to be some kind of plan in place as to what my particular group of students is going to do, but how can I really do that if I haven’t met them yet? It’s an interesting question, but I don’t want to write about the ins and outs of that at the moment.

Instead I’m going to focus on a method and an idea:

Using a social community platform as a way of encouraging my students to keep digital portfolios.

More to come later.

Image credit: No classes today by Alfon…* on Flickr