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Rosie the BloggerI recently read this post about blogging on Facebook on EduDemic (thanks to @shannonmmiller for sharing it), and have decided to start a little experiment – blogging on Facebook!

[I know I’ve been a little critical of how Facebook has been used for professional and promotional purposes rather than personal stuff with friends, but I think I’m going about this in what I consider the ‘right’ way]

I’ve set up a page on Facebook for my blog – where I’ll post updates from what I’m doing here or other things related to teaching, share links and hopefully connect with teachers and other education related people. The blogging on Facebook I will try out by using their ‘Notes’ application. This is mentioned in the EduDemic post linked above, but I’ll repeat here anyway: Facebook Notes used to be pretty rubbish. Solely text and quite uninspiring-looking, to be honest; but it seems this has changed. You can now format text in a Note, add hyperlinks, and even insert photos.

In my previous experience, Notes on Facebook used to come to me as silly memes (you know, ‘I’ve seen 125 out of 238 movies’ kind of thing – you make your list, tag your friends in the Note as you would in a Facebook photo, it then comes up on their feed, and they make their list, tag, and so on…) but this looks like it could be quite interesting. And is it actually that easy? The EduDemic post suggests that Facebook might become the place for new bloggers, so just how user-friendly have they made it?

Join me on my Facebook page as I try to find out!

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