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In preparation for my presentation on a week next Saturday (9 October to be precise) for the 3rd Virtual Round Table conference, I’ve decided to post a quick guide to the layout of my Facebook Page.

This is currently what it looks like over at the Mike Harrison’s Blog Page:

You will have noticed some handy lettered annotations on that image. Here’s a brief description of what a Facebook Page has on it:

A – This is the Tab menu at the top, which appears in some form or other on all Facebook Pages. You might notice that it is very similar to the Tab menu you find on your own Facebook Profile. This is where you can quickly get to the different content on the Page: Info, Notes, the Blog posts (via Networked Blogs – more on this later), Photos, etc. There may also be other tabs which are hidden – access these by clicking on the ‘>>’ tab.

B – The Wall: where you will find things like: status updates – which can include links, photos, video, etc. – and any other application that has permission to publish to the Wall (like when Farmville or what have you publishes info to your personal Facebook Profile Wall)

C – This is the content as it appears on the Wall. Here you can see links to a couple of YouTube videos that I have shared with my Page’s Fans. Note – anyone who ‘likes’ the Page can post on the Wall on my Page. On other Pages this may be disabled (i.e. only the Page owner can post)

D – Over on the left, there is a Box, where you can add any text you like. I’ve chosen to make a quick intro to the Page here and what I’m doing here. Below this you can see an Information Box – this is the same as can be found under the Info Tab in the menu at the top of the Page

E – Page owners have access to Facebook Insights – how many new Likes, activity on your Page, and so on – not to my eye wonderfully informative or intuitive, but they are there all the same. As a Page fan, you are spared the wonder of looking at this particular area of the Page ;o)

F – Who likes your Page??!! Here you can see exactly who they are, as well as seeing who of your friends likes the Page =)

G – Here is an example of a blog post from that has been auto-published to the Page via Networked Blogs (I’ll be talking about how to do this in my presentation). You can also see how it’s possible to Like and Comment on the Wall posts just as you would on your own Facebook Profile or your friends’

H – A Page on Facebook can have Favourite Pages – here I have just linked to other Pages related to teaching English

I – Photos. Where the Page owner can post photos. This can be found under the Photos Tab at the top as well. You will also see a couple ‘Photos by others’ – this is where fans of the Page can add photos!

J – Links box. All the links posted on the Wall are collected here. Can also be found under the Links Tab at the top.