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Or how I’m using a Facebook Page to connect with other teachers.

This is an abstract and outline of what I hope to cover in my Virtual Round Table presentation on 9 October from 5pm to 6pm GMT (6pm to 7pm BST) – more world times can be found at the link.

Note: This session is suitable for teachers who are interested in blogs and blogging, but no knowledge of blogging practice or etiquette is necessary.

Is Facebook just for putting your photos and keeping up with friends? Or is there more to it, and can educators use Facebook to connect and share with each other? I think the answer is YES. This session aims to introduce the idea of using a Facebook Page as a tool to do this.

I will introduce Pages, with a brief look at their history on Facebook and which purposes they have usually been used for.

We will look briefly at what a (we)blog is, and what teachers can use them for. Then we will look in more detail at how, using Facebook you can:

  • easily set up and maintain your own Page,
  • start writing Notes
  • share images in Photo albums
  • share links and thoughts on your Wall
  • engage in Discussions with other Facebook users on your Page

I hope to show you ways in which to promote your Facebook Page and customise it with different applications to add functionality. If you are already an experienced blogger or run a website, I also hope to show you ways to link your Page to your blog or website easily.

Hopefully you will come away with some ideas on how to make the most of this network and get some real Facebook time with your colleagues there!


Please also take some time to check out the rest of the speakers scheduled for the conference.

I recommend taking a look at Janet Bianchini’s post on the conference

And now, the programme is live:
3rd Virtual Round Table Conference, 8-9 October 2010