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How will you play your lesson?

How will you play your lesson?

Sometimes out there in the blogosphere you can find such interesting ideas being shared and discussed.

I recently experienced one of these times reading a post on Jason Renshaw’s English Raven blog: What’s your approach? Mine’s called EmLT, and a follow up by Ceri Jones on her approach, SLIL. Now, I’d like to write about my approach to teaching, but I’m not sure exactly how to crystalise it into words, and I would definitely say that I am still feeling my way as a teacher. At the moment, I couldn’t clearly write about my teaching approach even if I wanted to.

But I can write about my approach to materials: DJ ELT or Disc Jockey English Language Teaching.

The seed of this idea was planted in a conversation I had earlier this year with Jamie Keddie and one I had more recently with Phil Bird, and the approach is one I’ve really started to embrace since I started tweeting and blogging.

Something happens once you become an English language teacher, a switch is flipped in your brain and everything changes. Some might say it’s a blessing, others a curse (I’m towards the former myself): almost everything could be used in the teaching of English. Newspapers, magazines, songs, radio programmes, cartoons, paintings, photos, videos, the Internet, YouTube, blogs, wikis, etc, etc. Anything could be used to teach English.

The English Language Teacher is a DJ. They decide how to ‘play’ (read: use) all the different ‘music and songs’ (resources) to their learners. And like any DJ worth their salt, they have got to find the best mix, as their learners may like different kinds of music. They have not only to decide the what, but the when, the why and the how of their English teaching resources.

Sometimes it’s tough, but sometimes it’s also lots of fun 🙂

What about you? What is your approach?

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Image credit: DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax) by PresleyJesus on Flickr