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Ooh, pretty exciting stuff (well relatively) this morning.

In the hall this morning was the new principal’s briefing at my college, in which she talked to us about a number of things including: the changes in funding and new ethos relating to further education coming into effect with the new government, where we’re going in terms of retention (keeping students) and success (the students achieving their qualifications), and college improvements that had happened over the summer holiday.

She also mentioned how underused our Virtual Learning Environment is in comparison with her former college (something like 40% of full-time courses here – but half really active – compared to 100% at her old principalship). So it seems that we’re going to be encouraged more and more to use the VLE, which is run on the Moodle platform.

moodle logo

So a change to my investigative social media project, which will now be happening in Moodle! And I will be a proper Moodler!

Nice 🙂

Image credit: moodle logo by ShawnKball on Flickr