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Twitter. It’s changed the way people network and collaborate, as well as completely transforming the conference experience. Don’t believe me? Read this post by Ken Wilson, or this one by Emma Herrod, or that about it by Shelly Terrell. And I’m sure there are more posts like these out there.

But, I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable with this yet – it’s weird, walking around a conference venue and someone over your shoulder says “Hey, are you Mike Harrison?”. That happened to me for the first time at the recent Brighton ELT event. And before that I found myself addressing someone at the Language Show in London by their Twitter handle. It’s odd.

Anyways, in a little under a month I’m going to the TESOL France Colloquium in Paris, and hoping to see a few people I know as well as meeting up with some tweeters I don’t yet (in the flesh, at least). But here’s the rub – I don’t have a smartphone or a wifi laptop that I can take with me. I’m going to be without a map and off the Twitter radar.

I asked this question on Twitter earlier today:

To which Elma and Luke responded like this: link lengthened:,8599,2027523,00.html

What about you, if and when you attend conferences now – would you go without an iPhone or your laptop? Or would you feel ‘naked’ without them? Conference organisers, given the Twitterfication we’ve seen happening in conferences, do you have any facility for tweeters without their devices?