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This is what I’ve got planned for a couple of groups I teach next week. They’ve been looking at describing people and the clothes they are wearing.

Everybody loves the Oscars, right? All that glam, the tuxes, the sometimes eccentric style of some of the attendees…

Video-based lesson here we go.

(Ideally you will have looked at language used to describe physical features, including the face, and some vocabulary for formal clothing – but you could always use this to elicit such language)

Show your students this video (I actually used Windows Movie Maker to chop off the presenter! You could also use Quietube to clip the clip) with the volume DOWN (or even off).

As your students watch, ask them to note down any clothes they see that the stars are wearing (including any adjectives to describe them – a long, blue dress, for example) and their physical features (a beard, long/short hair, …)

Next play the clip again, but pause to give your students a chance to note things down. This time, make sure the students note down particular items of clothing and description for particular celebs (e.g. they write down what Maggie, Jake, Robert, George, etc. are wearing).

Next ask your students to imagine that they are presenters of Oscars coverage for a national/international TV programme and that they are going to introduce the stars and talk about their fashion and style choices. They could prepare their descriptions individually, in pairs or even groups. The key is the next part.

With the sound still down, ask your students to come up and introduce the actors and actresses and describe them as they appear on the video. They should try to do this in an authentic a presenting style as possible. If any students refuse point blank to do anything so silly, they can watch and vote for the best presenters. You could even record the different attempts your students make if you have a Flip camera or something like that =)

Hope you like the idea. I’ll be back to tell you how it goes; but it would obviously be a lot more interesting to hear about any of your attempts to do something like this!