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This is a post in response to Karenne’s Dogme Blog Challenge #7, where the title of her post reads this:

Myth 2, Dogme ELT = No Technology..?

Well, I don’t like extremes. Nuff said.

Except, well, no not really. When I think about tech, and all it brings with it – the blogs, wikis, the facebooks and the twitters, wallwisher birthday boards, podcasting students, YouTube dictations – I think, can this not be dogme?

Let’s look at a specific example, from Teaching Unplugged (DELTA Publishing 2009): Paper interviews (Scott and Luke, apologies for what may well be a rubbish and truncated description of your ace activity)

Here’s the basic procedure – Students interview teacher, but do not ask the questions. Instead writing them on slips of paper and post them to the teacher to answer. Teacher answers well-formed questions on the slips, but returns poorly-formed ones with indication of where to make them better. This continues for a bit. Oh, the students work on the questions in groups, hopefully talking together and coming up with some nice-I mean INTERESTING- language.

Why not do this with Wallwisher??? (I’ll let you know on Friday if it works! Actually, second thoughts, after the weekend – just forgot that Friday I will be jetting off to TESOL France).

For a slightly more rounded post on the topic, check out Dave Dodgson’s And now for something completely different; while you’re at it, catch up with Sue Lyon-Jones’ Dogme Hard With a Vengence – challenges 1, 3, 4 & 5