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I’ve been surprised and humbled by something really nice on a couple of blogs recently – both Adam Simpson and Dave Dodgson have mentioned me in posts about who they follow on Twitter and why. Thanks a lot, chaps!

This is actually a challenge that Adam started on his blog One Year in the Life of an English Teacher (you can read Adam’s post about the challenge here). The basic idea is to list 10 people who you follow on Twitter (I suppose they could be in ELT or teaching, or maybe not) who you enjoy following and to tell the rest of us out there in the blogosphere why! Now, Dave said that as he’s following over 350 people that he couldn’t mention all of those twiteros; well, I’ve somehow managed to end up following over 1400 people, so umm, to pick ten of ’em, well here goes… (apologies in advance if you haven’t made my ten)

First up, I’d like to give honourable mentions to those names already mentioned by Dave and Adam who I also love to follow: Özge Karaoğlu, Jason Renshaw, Sean Banville, Scott Thornbury, Karenne Sylvester, Burcu Akyol, Larry Ferlazzo, Shelly Terrell, Cecilia Coelho, Vicky Loras, Rich Whiteside, Henrick Oprea – who I seriously appreciate having in my PLN and learn a lot from whenever I log on to Twitter. Oh and of course Dave and Adam themselves.

Now to my ten. Hmm, this will be tricky…

  • My first three are actually people I’ve met in person, but who I first got to know on Twitter: Amanda Wilson, Callie Wilkinson and Phil Bird. They are probably the closest people to me on Twitter, both geographically, being based in Lincolnshire (Amanda and Callie) and Greater London (Phil), and professionally. We all work in the Further Education sector here in the UK, so I can often rely on them for useful tweets for my working context. Other than that, they are just lovely people.
  • Jamie Keddie – actually the person responsible for me being on Twitter in the first place. I signed up and started following people after seeing Jamie at the Language Show in London last year. It’s his fault! Jamie doesn’t seem to be around so much on Twitter of late, but you can rely on him for tweets to interesting videos on YouTube and the like.
  • Luke Meddings – I’ll admit, up until I got on to Twitter last year, I would have said ‘Luke who?’; but then I also didn’t know so much about dogme – having only really glimpsed it mentioned in a couple of Scott Thronbury articles – and lots of other stuff in ELT, so forgive my ignorance. I enjoy following Luke as he’s always got interesting things to say, and that often resonate with what I’m doing in my work with my ESOL students. It must be said that I am very intrigued as to his new blog project – an index for Teaching Unplugged (his and Mr Thornbury’s book on Dogme in ELT)
  • Sabrina de Vita – I’m most interested following people whose situation is very different to mine, so, Sabrina, who teaches primary and secondary aged kids over in Argentina, is a great person for me to follow.
  • These three kind of go together somehow: Ian James, Ceri Jones and Guido Europeaantje. You’ll often find them indulging in something fun or funny on Twitter. There all based in Spain: Ian in Barcelona, Ceri in Cádiz and Guido in Sevilla. Spain’s one of my fave countries, so I like hearing what they’re all up to =)
  • Ken Wilson – Ken was one of the first people to comment on this blog, way back in January! Always fun to read his tweets, whether it’s about his beloved Fulham, Spooks, or just writing in his shed. Seriously though, I have found Ken to be a most supportive person on Twitter, and always value his opinion, whether on big important ELT issues or just general stuff.
You might also like to take a look at Cecilia’s list: Only ten???

Over to you – name your ten!

Image credit: Followers by AJC1 on Flickr