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Sabrina asked for it, so here you all are: how to draw monsters

You will need: A4 paper, pens or pencils (you don’t need coloured pens or pencils, but they might make the activity more fun), and at least 4 students (it will probably work with 3 students, but 4 or more is best)

Model this for the students (see right for diagram): 
  • fold a piece of A4 paper in half, score along the fold, and open
  • fold the ends of your piece of paper towards the centre (which your score line should now mark), score and open
  • you should have a piece of paper that looks like #4 in the diagram below, with 3 visible score lines and 4 equal sections
  • next, mark the paper as shown in #5 below; note – these small lines should be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the score marks and should cross the score marks (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • #6 below shows where different parts of the figure will be drawn, but these should not be marked on your pieces of paper; instead follow this process:

This should ideally be done with chairs and tables in a circle or horseshoe shape


  1. tell your students to draw a head in the top section of the paper (A) with the neck ending at the marks (a1); when this is done, tell your students to fold over their paper so you cannot see the head
  2. students then pass their papers to the student on their left (NO PEEKING ALLOWED!)
  3. in the second section (B), your students should draw the upper body (i.e. bottom of the neck, shoulders, torso, arms down to the wrists); then as before, fold over their paper so you cannot see the body
  4. pass it to the student on their left
  5. repeat step 1 in section C drawing the hands (c1) the upper part of the legs, ending at the knees (c2)
  6. pass it to the student on their left; then fold over so you cannot see
  7. in the final section, students draw the lower part of the legs and the feet
  8. students pass it to the student on their left and then open up the paper
  9. language ensues!

Have fun!