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My picks for the TwentyTen Edublogs Awards:

Best individual blog: Kalinago English by Karenne Sylvester
Best individual tweeter: @ShellTerrell
Best group blog: Teaching Village coordinated by Barb Sakamoto
Best new blog: Language Garden by David Warr
Most influential blog post: Bullied, Blackmailed, Defamed, Threatened by Gavin Dudeney
Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #ELTpics (by @VictoriaB52, @vickyloras and @cgoodey) / ELTpics on Flickr
Best educational use of video / visual: Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard
Best educational wiki: Celebr8UandMeDigitally by Alex Francisco and Eva Büyüksimkeşyan

Best educational webinar series: Virtual Round Table
Best educational use of a social network: ELTchat
Best use of a PLN: #ELTpics / ELTpics on Flickr
Lifetime achievement: Gavin Dudeney