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Gosh, realised I’ve now been blogging for a year and a day and wonder how the time has flown by. I realise that this doesn’t at all make me a massively experienced blogger, but I can’t help thinking that I have experienced a lot from it myself.

So this being a new year and all, it’s time for a reflective on what has been and a prospective on what is to come sort of post.

Things I have enjoyed about 2010:

  • Realising that blogging is a great way for me to keep a record of my thoughts, ideas and plans, along with resources I have found useful – it’s great, I can now search here for that lesson I did last year and don’t need to rifle through a number of folders for a lesson plan that I would have almost definitely thrown away
  • Connecting and interacting with an amazing community of teachers and other educational professionals, on both Twitter and Facebook as well as here and there on blogs – I can safely say that I have learnt such a great deal in the past 12 months
  • Blogging has led me to get in touch with teachers all over the place, some household ELT names as well as teachers just like me (note – I value everyone I have got in touch with and to know here as equally as each other), but I have also been fortunate enough to meet a number of them face2face as well – I can say that I have not been disappointed with a single meeting of a PLN member yet
  • Working with Phil Bird, Callie Wilkinson, Amanda Wilson, Philida Schellekens, Melissa Cudmore, Tim Philips and others on a project with the British Council – it has been amazing how this came about, and I often wonder (in a good, hopeful for the future way) marvelling at where we are going. This could be great =) I’m sure Phil, Callie and Amanda will agree with me
  • Getting to some really interesting conferences and other ELT events in London, Brighton and Paris

So that was a bit of the old, now on to the new:

  • We had a couple of days of enrolment at my college, so I’m looking forward to meeting the new students, welcoming them into the different classes and hopefully helping them well on their way in their English learning journeys – it is really quite something to do that when you think about it
  • At the end of this month, attending some training run by the NRDC at the Institute of Education ‘Developing reading with entry level literacy learners’, something I am becoming increasingly interested in this year. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas – watch this space or for posts about this in the near future
  • Some more posts documenting the process I’m going through at the moment to apply for Qualified to Teach in the Learning and skills Sector (QTLS – I’ve written about this before here) – I’ll be posting on how I’m going about writing it all up, along with some practical tips, like uploading documents, how to reference it all, and so on. I hope it’ll be of use to any of my UK-based readers who may have to go through the same process in the future
  • A guest post is in the pipeline, not written yet, but should be around somewhere (I’ll keep you guessing as to where for the moment) by next month I hope
  • Speaking! there will be some British Council related things that Phil, Amanda, Callie and I will be presenting at the ESOL SIG day for the IATEFL 2011 conference (this year being held in Brighton) – again watch this space! I’m also looking forward to seeing a number of my PLN there, some of whom will be presenting stuff themselves!!
  • I am also currently proposing my own workshop/talk thingy, so you may very well be able to see myself at an ELT conference or two this coming year!

What about your 2010s and 2011s??? Anything exciting to share?

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