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In response to Dave:

My name’s Mike and, yes, I kind of botched [note – ‘to botch something up’ means ‘to make a mess of it’] up my lesson today…

Sympathetic noises from the other attendees

It’s true, and I’m not too pleased with myself about it. I had a great idea and it just went rubbish…

Murmurs, someone says ”’Appens to us all, mate”

They were supposed to get my email, with a list of different links to look at about CVs. A video too! But it just failed badly. First, when they came back they said there weren’t any free computers in the library..

“There’s never enough computers for all the students, y’know…”

Then, the texts I linked to were really too difficult for the students in the class.

“Classic mistake, mate! So easy!”

If only I’d used or something, I could have better graded the texts, or maybe I could have followed Vladka’s advice and graded my task a bit better…

“You’ll know that for next time..”

Yeh, I will but still feel a bit of a chump. They couldn’t even get on YouTube to watch the video!!