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Apologies if this is all old hat for you; I just wanted to explain why you’ve been seeing tweets from me with the hashtag #fb. There’s a handy couple of apps and tips I’d just like to share with you, which will be particularly useful if you manage profiles across both Twitter and Facebook.

twitterfeed is very basically an app that lets you post content from an RSS feed straight to Twitter. No need to bother opening up a browser, copy the link and paste to your Twitter web or desktop app; when the feed is updated (i.e. if it’s a blog your feeding, when a new post is published) and twitterfeed is checking, a tweet with automatically be sent from your Twitter account.

The first thing to do is set up a twitterfeed account, which is as simple as entering your email address and choosing a password [note – if you have an Open ID account, you can sign in with that].

Here is a quick runthrough:

Twitterfeed tutorial

There are, I think, a few things to consider when you are feeding sites through twitterfeed, and particularly if you are feeding blogs:
  • I would only feed blogs that I would normally share with my followers or give a RT to. Make sure the site/blog is relevant to your followers. In the Slideshare above, I showed you two blogs I now feed: Shelly Terrell’s and Adam Simpson’s. Even if I don’t always comment on their posts, what they write is always deserving of the extra exposure a tweet will give.
  • Play around with the setting for how frequently twitterfeed will check for new content. This can be set from as little as every half hour to once a day.
  • Consider spreading the twitterfeed love around. Something I intend to do with this is change the blogs I’m feeding every so often. So this week it may be Adam, Shelly, Dave, etc. while in a couple of weeks I may twitterfeed different blogs and bloggers. It’s very easy to delete and add new feeds to do this.

Selective tweets is a Facebook application that allows you to update your FB status straight from a Twitter update. Once it’s set up, all you have to do is add the hashtag #fb at the end of your tweet. Presto, all being good, it will then turn up on your Facebook Wall as a Status update sans #fb.

So what, you might think. Can’t you auto-update Facebook from twitterfeed, as shown above? Well, yes you can, but you might not want to. For example, most of my friends on Facebook are not in teaching (English language or otherwise), so I don’t really think it fair to bombard them with my updates. This is part of the reason why I originally set up my Facebook Page.

So step-by-step to sort out Selective tweets as follows:

  • Find Selective tweets (click hyperlink) on Facebook and make sure you’re logged in to Facebook itself (as you would normally if checking your Profile)
  • You will need to grant the app permission to access your Profile and publish to your Wall

  • Next, you can simply choose to enter your Twitter ID so that Selective tweets will post to your Profile Wall

  • But, if like me you want to avoid cluttering up your Profile and want to publish to a Facebook Page Wall, then click on the ‘Your Fan Pages’ tab for more options
  • Make sure to add your Twitter ID, grant permission and save changes, and you are good to go
  • Now if you add #fb to the end of any tweet you send, it should appear soon after on your Profile or Page Wall
Here is my example:
I use the option of adding text after my twitterfeed blogs and sites to add the hashtag #fb to the very end of the tweet. This means that all my twitterfeed tweets auto-post to both Twitter and Facebook. Handy eh?