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Inspired by seeing the Jeremy Harmer and Steve Bingham Touchable Dreams show on Tuesday, here are a few of my fave poetry videos that I have found on YouTube.

Jamie Keddie has a neat lesson plan to go with this one here: Animated poem

I love this one. See a lesson plan and blog discussion on using it for English language teaching

Click to view on BBC Learning Zone

Another decent video, this time on the BBC Learning Zone site. Thanks to Amanda Wilson for finding it

Ok, not poetry, but as Jeremy said on Tuesday, you can mix poetry and music for a magic effect. In fact this video makes me think about making a language plant… There’s certainly a lot you could do with different words and phrases that share similar patterns

You could also then watch this amazing one:

I’ve just found this one, might not be your thing but…

This extract of the Kesha song might lend itself to a reordering activity like Jeremy suggested with poetry. There’s a nice set of rhyming couplets there to play with.

Again, not actually poetry, but this song by the Stereophonics is pretty good. I think the simplicity of the narrative (through the use of simple past verb forms) could be really accessible for the language classroom. The video is obviously of college-project-type quality, but is also well worth a look as it puts visuals to the Stereophonics’ lyrics (including the surprise twist at the end).

Do you have any poetic videos or links to share?