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So I was chuffed recently to have been a participant on Nicky Hockly’s mLearning for beginners course over at SEETA.

Initially I thought mLearning meant mobile phones, apps and all that. How wrong could I have been? Like a few on that course, I learnt that the ‘mobile’ in ‘mobile-learning’ has more to do with manoeuvrability and access than to do with phone. Digital cameras, bog standard phones with no apps and mp3 players are all to do with mLearning. This is learning on the go.

So I have decided to start up my own mini-investigation into uses and applications for using mLearning technology and tools myself, with a view to doing something with my learners next academic year. This is also partly due to biting a personal bullet and purchasing a smartphone recently, namely an HTC Desire HD. So far, so loving it, but I am really interested in how I can use it in relation to teaching.

So here’s my mini project to myself:

  • take photos of my surroundings with my HTC smartphone camera
  • upload photos to a Posterous blog: mobiltograf (ease of posting a major factor – either via email, or an app direct from the phone)
  • build up a bank of resources I can use in class (it’s coming, but eventually there will be a Creative Commons license on the blog, meaning you can use these photos in class yourself, just please give me a credit!)

Here’s what it’s looking like over at mobiltograf at the moment:

Probably not massively revolutionary (how many people are doing their #project365s using a Posterous blog, I mean), but I am interested to see what this might look like after a couple of months’ worth of snapping. And if it’s that easy, can my students do the same?

Just need to get around this silly web filter policy at work that blocks Posterous now…