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I’ve been thinking a little lately about my activities on the web, both here on this blog and elsewhere – a kind of audit if you will. A lot that I’ve got going needs a spring clean, but I think this is going to have to wait until the post-IATEFL period this year, so nothing will be done imminently!

Here’s an overview of where I’m at on the web:

You’ll notice the normal things and profiles that people are using as social media and web 2.0 profiles: A YouTube account, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, social bookmarking with Diigo (I’ve yet to really invest any time in this, so not really sure how to better use it at the moment). You’ll notice that I’ve placed these around the central hub of this blog in the slide above: this is because I’m using some of these as sort of digital outposts for the content I post here.

Black arrows leading from the central blog oval mean that content from my blog is published to these web channels: the obvious two of Twitter and my Page on Facebook, and also a page (more on that in a minute). Black arrows leading to the blog mean that content from these channels can also be found on my blog site: tweets, Facebook Page updates in my Like box, YouTube video uploads, Diigo bookmarks (via the Lifestream plugin for WordPress) [editor’s note – Diigo does publish to the blog, but the black arrow is missing – Slideshare issues are foxing me and it’s a bit too late to deal with now…] all feed back to my blog. I like the bi-directional linking between Twitter and Facebook, and think that this is a good link between the blog and these social profiles.

You’ll also notice some grey arrows above. These are where these digital outposts also publish to other locations outside the blog. The first of these I set up was linking Twitter to Google Buzz. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I get very much out of this: I only know of one other person I interact with on Buzz and think it never made any headway due to the competition with Twitter. The other location where these grey arrows lead, however, is interesting. is a simple to set up and manage ‘front-page’ style web service. With the basic account, you can set up a pretty smart looking page (although total control and choice of things like fonts is limited), and aggregate your social and RSS/URL feeds. So now I’ve got this page:, which can sit there and collect the feeds from up to 5 services I choose (currently I’m feeding blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube here). This might evolve into a front page for something one day, but for the moment I’m happy to have it there as a kind of experiment…

Spring cleaning the Facebook Page on the other hand is another task altogether, but more on that another time!

In the meantime, if anyone else would like to reflect on their web presence (password overkill anyone?) I would love to know what you think =)