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These are the slides from my session at ISTEK, which took place at Yeditepe University on Sunday 3rd April.
First of all, if you were in the audience for the session, titled ‘Before words: ideas for using images and sound in the classroom’, thanks for attending! One thing about the ISTEK weekend (more on that to come later) was the fantastic choice of concurrent plenaries and workshop sessions. Even though presenting was a great experience, one I will treasure for ever, it was a shame not to be able to see all the other wonderful presenters in action. So, I understand that you made a difficult choice in coming to see me, and for that I am truly grateful. My appreciation also goes out to the fab bunch of friends from Twitter who were there – your support was immense, thank you!
A brief overview
I was conscious to make my workshop as practical as possible, so wanted the activities I presented to be simple and relatively easy to implement for anyone wanting to try them out. I managed to talk about 4 such activities in my 45 minute session:
  • Where are you? – a sound effect-backed quick role play activity
  • Drawing monsters – a collaborative drawing (party) game explained in this earlier post
  • Predict a poem from images – considering the content of a poem by looking at images taken from a YouTube video before watching/listening explained in this post
  • Musical stories – stream of consciousness writing/drawing while listening to music and then telling a story from the words/pictures

What I’m happy about

I wasn’t quite prepared to feel as nervous as I did beforehand, before getting into the hall (oh yeh – that’s another point, Burcu assigned me a hall with capacity for 50-60 attendees! I only found out about that about a week before the conference – didn’t help my nerves!) BUT it was actually ok in the end. I had enough pieces of paper (just about), and (I think) we started and ended on time.

Areas for improvement

I was conscious to move about the room as much as I could, and ventured in during the activities (I made my attendees into students for 30 minutes or so) to listen to their suggestions and ask questions. However, I wish I had asked more people I talked to their name. Another thing I wasn’t sure about was sharing my email – I did have my blog, Twitter and Facebook Page information, but maybe email would have been a nicer contact. I’m not sure. Next time I will be sure to have a sign up sheet or pad for people to give their emails (if they want to keep in touch).
If you were in my workshop, I would be grateful if you could complete the following quick poll:

I may also add/remove/change activities, so watch this space for the remix!