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It seems du jour to be talking about this at the moment, and why not: the 45th Annual IATEFL conference and exhibition kicks off on Saturday (with Special Interest Group events starting a day earlier on the Friday) in Brighton!

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I’ll be involved in the ESOL SIG pre-conference event along with Phil Bird, Callie Wilkinson and Amanda Wilson, on British Council duty and talking about ideas for differentiating using technology. Amanda and Callie have done great things sorting us out for this, so hopefully it will go really well!

Which leads me on to a few things that I am hugely looking forward to over the four days of the conference:

  • Catching up with Luke, Willy, Shelly, Lindsay, Gavin, Nicky, Sue, Petra, Marisa, Jamie, Ken, Burcu, Esra, Isıl, Beyza and a whole host of other friends and colleagues who I was fortunate to spend time with in Istanbul for the recent ISTEK conference (note – links on Luke and Willy’s names go to reviews I have written; I am in the process of writing up two more)
  • Working with Phil, Callie, and Amanda again, which is always a pleasure
  • Meeting a few people who I have interacted with on Twitter for the first time f2f – including Shaun Wilden, Richard Whiteside, Ceri Jones, among others
  • Spending some time on the beach in Brighton – let’s hope for some good weather!
  • Deliberating about which sessions to attend at the conference; there are a number of clashes between sessions beign given by those people I mentioned above and others that I would really like to see – I may need to do some coin tossing to decide! Maybe Karin can help me out…
  • Chatting about some interesting things over drinks with enthusiastic people!

I kinda, yeh, no definitely…

I can’t wait!