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Tried something that was a bit of a departure for me this afternoon: some drama!

First of all, guess what this is:

If you’re thinking ‘tables and chairs’, shame on you. It’s quite obviously a car.

Maybe talk a bit about cars. Does anyone drive? Yes, José, you do? What do you drive? … Maybe not.

Pick two students. Seat them in the front (the chair at the very front is the bonnet and steering wheel). Where are they going? Who are they? Start them talking. Everyone else watches.

But oh! Look out!!!

'A deer jumped on to the road...'

An accident. Is everyone alright?

They’re unconscious. Wait here comes a smartcar (one chair). A woman on her way to work.

Thinks ‘I wonder what happened here…’

Phones the police.

“Check to see if they are breathing. OK, we’re on the way. Stay there!”

To be continued…

With nods to

Ken Wilson (I leafed through a copy of his Drama book – which I’ve yet to buy – and saw an activity that was a no-prep role play – am I right, Ken?)

‘Conversation on a train’ – at least I think that’s the name of the improv activity where you set up the classroom in a particular way, ask students to set a context (or give them one) and one by one invite them to become part of the scene