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So, I said I would do this a couple of days after originally posting my summary of the #ELTchat on dealing with low level literacy learners, and it’s been … well, more than a couple of days! My apologies all, if you’ve been waiting eagerly (though I imagine you’ve been rather marvelling at more recent summaries by Lizzie and David – if you haven’t already read them, do check them out!).

But I did want to come back to the chat to see if there was anything more I could add from the second half.

Here are some tweets from the chat that I plan on looking at in a bit more detail:

@esolcourses: I find unplugged/personalised approach helps with very low-level learners – blogged about this a while back #ELTChat

@naomishema: RT @ShellTerrell: @esolcourses I agree completely that it has to be personalized #eltchat

@esolcourses: @Marisa_C absolutely… students need to be able to pick up language they need to get by in daily life quickly #ELTChat

@naomishema: @esolcourses General knowledge or rather lack of it is what makes progress in reading comp. SO difficult #eltchat

@clever_flower: #eltchat Intrinsic motivation is more effective than extrinsic. So I’d negotiate it 2bring it 2 the surface and capitalize on it!

@pjgallantry: #eltchat ss with low literacy levels also cannot *orient* themselves through text, so e.g. a letter looks the same as some instructions

@SimonGreenall: RT @Marisa_C: Beginners need to be a lot more confident with knowing lexical meaning – guessing strats next to impossible  #ELTchat> Correct

Which is more than enough for now! There may be a number of follow up posts here and, as always, your contribution is highly valued! Looking forward to picking over these points (and maybe more…)