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Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo. Poem by Todd Alcott

Very interesting visual interpretation of this poem/monologue, used to great effect by Jamie Keddie in a lesson plan on his Lessonstream site – I’ve done it and it’s great (and I’m not even a big fan of chants!)


Obviously could be used to raise awareness of demonstrative pronouns this and that. Also possibly could be used to elicit comparative adjectives and structures. I’ve got a more developed lesson plan on the back burner for this one, so watch this space! Thanks to my students for showing me this one.



Beautiful animation by Richard Swarbrick (@RikkiLeaks on Twitter) of Gareth Bale’s performances for Tottenham Hotspur versus Inter Milan earlier this year. I think you could use this one to get students to describe the plays and goals, but you could also discuss things like: animation techniques, sporting occasions and music, football as ‘the beautiful game’.



6th formers (students in their final year) at a school in the UK say goodbye with a cool video parody.



An ‘alternative’ morning routine video – could be used to elicit or teach verbs associated with routines and related tenses (e.g. present simple to describe as an activity done every day, past simple to describe an activity done in the past, …) but with CAUTION.

 What are your current favourite videos???