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Quite a significant date, 20 August, for me this year. Today marks 3 years that I have been working in my current job, as an ESOL teacher in a college in south east London. Sometimes it feels as though those years have passed by so quickly, though I’m sure it didn’t feel like it at the time. It has been a busy 3 years and I can safely say that a lot has changed for me, both looking at myself and the wider context in which I operate.

I said it’s been busy, and particularly in the last year and a half a lot has been packed in. Some of the things I have been lucky enough to do are:
– working with a fantastic team of teachers at my college, even though it has not been as ‘fun’ lately, but more on that another time…
– working with Phil, Callie, Amanda, Melissa, Dot, and now many many more on an exciting project with the British Council, again expect more on this in the future
– attending and presenting at ELT conferences and other events in the UK and abroad, initially to do with the British Council work, but also off my own back to Paris and Istanbul (a crazy, crazy weekend – thank you Burcu!)
– starting to write more seriously, with a few projects underway

I look back at three years ago and the changes in me as a teacher are quite amazing. I came back to UK ESOL having worked for a year in a private language school in Pamplona in Spain. I worked largely from course books, although always having to adapt, even if only slightly, them for my students. I wrote lesson plans in a crazy level of detail, down to the last minute. Come my first Christmas working here, I was exhausted! (aside – we’d also had an ofsted inspection that November, which has to have been the most nerve-wracking experience I’ve had while teaching). I used online resources and technology, but not in the ways I do now.

Back to the present, three years on and big changes have been made. I’ve cut down the number of hours I teach at my college in order to focus more on writing, on the British Council project, on studying (I hope to start a DELTA in the new year), and anything else that crops up!

I’m excited! I wonder where it will all be after another three years…