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I’m currently reading a pretty interesting book, Wordwatching by Alex Horne. It’s not an ELT book, but in a way is related to our field, but I’ll come back to that.

What piqued my interest about this book was the idea of having a TK Day, basically your ten-thousandth day on earth (that’s 10,000th). This is the day when you move into five figures to measure the time you have been alive (and I imagine it’s unlikely, anyone would enter 6 figures – that would be about 280 years old, although, I guess you can never tell 100% how technology might make this possible).

Part of my thinking about this is that I am very close to coming up to my TK day. In fact, in just about a month. I’m wondering about all the interesting things that are going on, both professionally and personally. What can I achieve? What should I be doing?

Alex’s big idea for a project just after his TK day was to get a new word into the dictionary (I haven’t yet found out whether he was successful or not, I’ll let you know!).

But what about you???

What had you achieved when you were 10,000 days old (just over 27 and a third)? What had you hoped to achieve? If you, like me, are coming up to this milestone, what do you want to have done by your TK day?

(if you haven’t had yours yet, you can find out how to calculate your TK day here: