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An der 17 September, wir haben der ETAS SIG Day attended… And there my rusty German and Google translate fail me, as I can’t remember how to form past participles.

2 weeks ago I was in Zug for the English Teachers Association of Switzerland’s annual Special Interest Group day. It was a great event, with interesting sessions on offer, friendly teachers to meet and a fantastic team ensuring everything ran smoothly. For me it was a chance to see a few familiar faces, including James Taylor, Vicky Loras and Anna Musielak. Sadly, just like anything, it did all have to come to an end, which was a real shame as the four of us were having an interesting discussion over cake and coffee…

Me : So, did anything surprise you about the conference, guys?
James : I’ll tell you later, Mike, but got a question for you first – why did you want to come to Zug?
Me : Well, um I put in a proposal after Vicky told me about SIG day. I didn’t think it’d get accepted… But it did, and then I thought how cool it would be to come to Switzerland – I’d never been before…
Vicky : Hey Mike! What did ya like most about Zug??
M : It’s a really pretty place, I mean the green surroundings, nice clean streets, it’s kinda picturesque. You’re lucky to live here, Vicky!
V : Yeah!
Ania : Mike, did you have enough time to meet up with friends or meet some new people?
M : Not really! But I think we made the most of the time.
A : Yes, and it was great to meet Chuck, wasn’t it?
M : Definitely, it was cool! Is anyone going to tell me something they learnt about teaching…
J : Later, Mike! Who were you looking forward to see?
M : Well, I was definitely looking forward to seeing Anthony Gaughan run a workshop, cos I knew he’s into teaching unplugged.
V : And who did you meet for the first time, Mike??
M : Well I hadn’t met any of the ETAS committee before, so I met them for the first time and it was good to meet Steph Wimmer, after seeing her in some discussions on the TDSIG website.
A : Did you get any good ideas from the conference??
M : Tonnes!
A : And have you used any yet?
M : Not yet, but I’m planning to do some drama type activities sometime, I think you’re presenting some at TESOL France, am I right?
A : Yeah, I think that will be good!
M : Is anyone going to answer my questions?
J : Oh it’s nearly time to catch my train…

**note – above conversation is FICTIONAL
In fact Vicky, Ania and James have been writing their own posts answering these (and my) questions, which you can read here and here