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Well, I can’t really think of many better ways to spend a weekend. A conference packed full of amazing highlights and accompanied by some of the nicest, most engaged and interesting people in ELT. Really, TESOL France’s 30th Annual colloquium does justify the hype and superlative.

This is testament to the brilliant work of Madame La Présidente, Bethany Cagnol (@bethcagnol), and her wonderful TESOL France committee. I can only guess at the sheer amount of work that has to go into organising such a great event.

And it was so great, at least it certainly was for this teacher. I plan to blog in more detail about sessions I went to and things I learnt, including a bit about my own workshop, but for now here is a non-definitive list of my particular enjoyed moments:

Highly inspiring and informative sessions by Dale Coulter, Anna Musielak, Willy Cardoso, Fiona Mauchline, Simon Greenall, Cecilia Lemos, Shelly Terrell… I really did enjoy every workshop I attended. There was such a good selection! At more than one time during the weekend I wished I could have split myself into two, or three or four!

Really engaging plenary speakers, the stand out highlight of which was Luke Medding’s talk on ‘Dogme and the city’, a journey through teaching and the French capitale, including a fab impersonation of Greta Garbo by Mr Meddings!

Bethany introduces Luke for his Saturday plenary

Oh and who could forget the great entertainment, including karaoke organized by Pandaman, Brad Patterson. Though maybe the less said about that, the better!

In the mean time please check out these blogs by fellow TESOL France attendees and speakers, as  I’m sure they will be sharing their experiences of the weekend: (Dale Coulter) (James Taylor)

And, I’m sure, there many more!