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Lightbox is an Android application that allows smartphone users with the operating system to share pictures easily and quickly, with the option to broadcast uploads and posts to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It is, if you will, the Android answer to Instagram. Very basically, what these apps allow you to do it document what you do in a photojournal that is hosted online, allowing friends and contacts to see your pictures and, if they subscribe to these services, comment, like and favourite them. They also allow us amateur photographers the opportunity to mess around with a host of different photographic filters to alter our snaps and make them look pretty.

I’ve been using Lightbox for just over two months now and you can see the things I’ve snapped at this URL: You’ll also see that I’ve become somewhat addicted to editing photos to look like they’ve been shot using a LOMO camera. I don’t know how accurate the effect is, but I do like the outcome when I use my HTC Android phone to take a pic.

On to the good bit! Given that tomorrow is Christmas Day, I thought it would be nice to do something for all the wonderful teachers out there. I don’t have much I could give them, but I could certainly let people use these photos for teaching if they wanted them. So I have licensed my Lightbox photos as Creative Commons.
Creative Commons Licence
Mike Harrison’s Lightbox by Mike Harrison is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

If you would like to use the photos for teaching please do so, as long as you are not directly making profit from them (i.e. selling them to students), and you may adapt and use them as you like, provided you share them in a similar way to that which I have. Oh, and please attribute the photos to me. Thanks =)

I thought this would be nice and easy, but it seems there is one snag. You cannot download directly from Lightbox. Ahh. This is a problem, as it means that people would have to copy the pictures and paste into another program, such as Paint, in order to play around with the images, thereby resulting in a drop in quality. I thought and thought about this and found a solution. As I post many of my Lightbox photos to Facebook, there is an album on my profile where these automatically get sent, much like you may have a ‘Mobile uploads’ folder if you upload pics from your phone straight to FB. So, you can find most of my pictures at this short URL: Note that this is a public link, and you can share it on. However, please do not send me a friend request unless we have met face to face. Thanks.

Please also note that this license only extends to my photos on Lightbox, and not those of any other user. Nor does the Creative Commons license extend to any elements of the Lightbox website or application themselves. Please check their terms of service if in any doubt.

Oh, and if you are on Lightbox yourself, please feel free to follow me there. I’ll gladly follow you back, but bear in mind I’m not sure how ‘social’ I want to get there in terms of likes and comments, etc.

If you’re celebrating this festive period, I wish you happy holidays and a fantastic 2012!

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