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DELTA commenced two days ago, and as far as beginnings of courses go, I thought it was pretty good. Everyone was introduced through various mingling and teaching-analysis type activities. It was a relief to see faces that seemed to echo my own thoughts and feelings about the whole thing. I am daunted, but very excited.

Before this evening’s session, we were asked to complete a questionnaire on our beliefs about teaching. A rather gentle introduction to the whole, assignment/observation cycle that the next 6 months or so will become, but I found it to be really interesting. I thought I’d share (a few tweeked examples as well) some of the statements to see if I can capture anything of the teaching beliefs of you, dear readers. So I would be mightily grateful if you would spend a minute or so filling in the online questionnaire below. It is very short! There are 2 sections you can fill in.

This also gives me the opportunity to fulfill a blog challenge from Brad, a quote to sum up my teaching philosophy a little bit at least. This is actually something I first saw in an email from Cecilia, a fellow teacher I hugely respect,… and is this

“A teacher sees the world in a par­tic­u­lar way, and it is not only when he is in a school.

I am a teacher all the time.” (Christopher Rogers)

I really believe this. I don’t think there is an off switch for teachers. When I walk down the street or sit on the bus, I’m usually thinking about my lessons, how I could change things or do them better…

When I surf the web, I’m bookmarking useful sites and interesting articles with a view for using them in class. Alright, I may not end up using these all the time…but they are there, should I remember to come back to them…

I’m watching YouTube, thinking, I wonder if that could be used to elicit/practice/present a language point, stimulate discussion, or just be a breather from the cut and fast of getting students through exams…

Yep, for better or worse, I’m a teacher all the time =)