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It’s late so this is a necessarily short one. I do, however, hope it’s a pertinent one.

I’ve been reading the latest post over at Chia’s blog, where she and a colleague (her DOS!) have been running a dogme vs. coursebook experiment. The latest lesson featured said DOS, Varinder Unlu, teaching a pure dogme lesson. Previously, she had been teaching the group from Global, a coursebook written by Lindsay Clandfield.

It’s made me wonder. And what I’m wondering is this…

How easy is it to do a first dogme lesson? It’s patently not a walk in the park, is it?

Can you plan to do a first dogme lesson, or does it have to happen to you?

Because the second instance is what happened to me. Only two students showed up for an evening class, so I had to work out what to do with them for a couple of hours and didn’t want to use up (ha!) a lesson I had meticulously (oh alright, 75%) planned.

I’d love to know what happened in your first dogme lessons? Did you plan to do it or did it just happen?

I’ve asked a couple of fellow DELTees whether they’d like to blog their dogme practice, both for experimental assignments and just as a natural thing they’ve done. I’m working on convincing them to guest post something here.

But really, I’m ever so curious, what were Scott Thornbury and Luke Meddings’ first ever ‘dogme’ lessons like?

Do you think they’d comment here? I very much hope they would.