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There is a talk taking shape in my head.

Since April 2011, I have lead a number of workshops based on some practical ideas for the ELT classroom using sound effects and images as minimal stimuli. And I’ve been fortunate enough to conduct these workshops in a few interesting places: Istanbul, Zug, Paris, and Glasgow. Huge thanks to those who made this possible for me, and even huger thanks to those who came and got involved, who listened and did drawings and imagined.

The workshops were all based on using sound and images, but the exact activities I shared and that we experienced varied and changed from place to place. If anything became clear as my workshops grew and shrank in length, and were made whole by the participation of willing teachers in those 4 cities, it was that imagination is a very important thing.

Important to use our own imagination in how to be in the classroom.

Important to ask our students to really use their imaginations.

Important to challenge the way we might have done things, and leave some space for our students to be.

The talk I have in mind is at present a tiny seed. It will grow from the sessions and the input from participants in my workshops, an experiment I conducted on using guided visualisation in my classroom (an area I plan to investigate a little more), and hopefully some discussion with you, teaching colleagues.

Who’s with me to explore imagination into our teaching?


I finally worked out how to cut the article I wrote for TESOL France Teaching Times, which was published back in January. You can now find it in a new section above: Articles (I’ll make it plural when I’ve written more than one).

I’ve been very slack in posting a summary and slides from my IATEFL Glasgow workshop. To the participants of that, my apologies (I cry ‘DELTA!’ in my defence). I’ll upload those as soon as I can.