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Apologies in advance if anyone’s nose is put out of joint by what follows. I just feel like I need to state some things I feel pretty fundamentally about blogging and in particular how this has even changed in the short time I have been posting here.

In short, I’m not really bothered if the blogs I write have ten page views or hundreds. A page view is what happens when someone lands on your site from the world wide web. It’s Internet analytics stuff. But also really a bit misleading, since depending on what is on your site (widgets, plugins, etc.), one person’s click can be interpreted by page view counters (if you have a number thingy that clicks over every time you visit your site, this is what I mean) as multiple page views.

I’m not in this for page views because they are misleading.

But it is a bit more than that.

I am not a famous ELT person. I am starting out (still starting out as I enter my sixth year as a professional English language teacher).

I did not blog to become a famous ELT person. I blogged to share lesson plans and thoughts about teaching and language. I’ve been able to retrieve things I did one, two years ago and use them again. Selfishly maybe, I blogged for me. But along the way, some things happened.

I was lucky to start working on a fab project with the British Council, through a contact I had made blogging and on twitter.

I gained enough confidence in myself to put in a proposal to present a workshop at a conference. I got picked to give my workshop (thanks, Burcu!).

I got involved with a really interesting writing project (Luke and Lindsay, and Ceri – it’s underway again, almost!).

I’ve met people who were previously tiny twitter avatars in real life. I’ve met people in real life who have become tiny twitter avatars. I’ve had friend requests on Facebook (please, no more of these unless we have actually met and spoken face to face).

But I didn’t do this for page views.

I understand the age we live in. It is important to have a strong online presence and identity. People are sharing their writing in many places, they’re blogging, they’re tweeting their blog posts, sharing them in groups and on pages on Facebook. But it wasn’t like that before.

Before, blog posts would be retweeted and shared in Facebook by other teachers. Good writing would out, because someone would find it and pass it on.

I cannot, and will not, post my blog every where, because if it really is good enough, you will find it.

I did not do this for the page views.