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This is becoming tiresome…

The following is a snippet taken from an email I received this morning, via the contact form on my blog. I have taken it not to show this particular example, but rather to represent what is one of the most annoying things that I tend to receive while I’m blogging. If you recognise your writing, please don’t do it again.

We are interested in forming a content relationship with

Our writers can construct a carefully researched guest article for your site […] that can naturally attract traffic and links. This way we both win! We just ask that we can place one reference in the article or bio back to our site.

No, no, no. I don’t even care if you think your site is related in terms of content to mine (it isn’t – you share and rank online courses). I don’t want your guest post. You obviously don’t read my blog, otherwise you would know I couldn’t give a stuff about traffic and links. This also goes to those SEO types promising me that I can ‘grow my traffic exponentially’ or whatever. Please go away.

These are the rules:

I will only ever publish a guest post here if…

  • I have asked that person individually and politely whether they would write for me. (I have no idea who you are, so I won’t be asking you, SEO types).
  • They have approached me and are someone who I respect. (You evidently get around with these offers of ‘content relationships’ and ‘SEO optimization [sic]’, so I have little to no respect for you).

So, off you toddle, and I would be obliged if you stayed away, please.

To my fellow teachers and other people involved in educations who read this blog, apologies for the ranting post and I promise I’ll be back on form soon =)