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Tomorrow, Wednesday 29 August, marks the beginning of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, the major sporting event for athletes with physical disabilities. The event first began as a meeting of British World War II veterans in 1948, but the current London Games sees the event pushed firmly into the spotlight. I, for one, hope that there is at least as much interest and reporting from this sporting occasion as there was for the Olympic Games which have recently come to an end. (date from Wikipedia)

I was a little annoyed by certain coverage of the Olympics as it ended: reporters, rightly saddened that it was ending, were interviewing various spectators and athletes asking them what they were going to do now it was all over. Go back to watching the English Premier League, or some other sport? There was practically no mention of the upcoming Paralympics from these commentators. I can understand that issues relating to who was broadcasting the main Olympics and who was going to show the Paralympics obviously had some bearing on this, but I was a little peeved.

So I was very happy to come across this fab video campaign for the upcoming sporting event, the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

It is an advert from Channel 4, who are the official broadcaster of the Games, called Meet the Superhumans:

(Note – this video is embedded from Channel 4 under the following Terms and Conditions on their press site. Links to YouTube copies of the advert are at the bottom of this post)

The video is pretty inspirational, even more so for me as it features the GB Paralympic team.

Here is a lesson plan using this video and also an annotated version of the advert: Meet the Superhumans

You can find the annotated Channel 4 advert here:

There is also a version of the original video on Youtube:

The details about the C4 advert  can be found here:

Some other useful links:

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Samsung advertising campaign ‘Sport Doesn’t Care Who You Are’ –

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