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Next week Friday 19 to Sunday 21 October it’s the Language Show. It’s essentially a fair with a whole paraphernalia of stalls, publishers, course providers and job possibilities, not just for the EFL or ESOL sector, but also the larger language teaching community.

Although it is very busy, one of the things I like about the Language Show is that it seems all of language teaching comes together under one roof for a cacophonous weekend of people milling about, language lessons and seminars.

This year the show is at the National Hall, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX.


It’s in the capacity of giving a seminar/talk/workshop that I attend the Show this year. I’m attempting to draw together ideas I’ve been sharing about using minimal stimuli in the classroom, like images and sound effects, and experimental practice I’ve done in using the technique of guided visualisation with my ESOL students. I hope the session will be practical, and I’ll attempt to actually run through the ideas and activities as you would do in class. The central ideas are encapsulated in an earlier blog post I wrote responding to feedback from a question I posted in the IATEFL Facebook Group (although you will get more if you attend the talk in person!)

You can see a video from last year’s show here


My session is called ‘Motivate with imagination!’ and is on Sunday 21 October at 2.30pm in Seminar Room 2. Would be great to see you there!